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This represents the work at the Shine A Light, the Spiritual Paintings of Chris Cook solo exhibit at the Steffen Thomas Museum af Art in Madison, Georgia - from March 11th through April 23rd of 2016. Over one hundred visitors came through at the opening reception. Click here to read more about the exhibit and here to visit the Exhibit Event on Facebook.

CURATOR STATEMENT FROM THE SHINE-A-LIGHT SHOW: Shine a Light Spiritual Paintings by Chris Cook Curatorial Statement This exhibition was at once a pleasure and a challenge to curate. It’s not often one has the luxury of having an extensive body of work created within the boundaries of a particular theme from which to choose a balanced, cohesive collection. In this instance, Chris Cook’s passion for his subject and his prodigious painting regimen rewarded us with ample examples to build this colorful and intriguing show. The exhibit features an inspiring collection of religiously themed works that are both visually and intellectually stimulating. Many of them will invoke strong feelings and perhaps challenge the viewer to look more deeply into the work and the soul. The timing of this exhibition purposely coincides with the Lenten season as Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of their Savior. The paintings explore a variety of painting techniques and give voice to the artist's deep feelings toward his subject. Displayed aiongside Cook’s paintings is a carefully selected collection of Steffen Thomas sculptural works of a similar theme. Religion, spiritualism and philosophy were recurring inspirations for Thomas’s works and those selected for this exhibit fit seamlessly with the glorious paintings created by Cook. It is my hope that you will enjoy this exhibition. The Steffen Thomas Museum of Art is pleased to share these exceptional works of art created by two exceptional artists blessed with an extraordinary talent.