Chris Cook: Southern, Contemporary Artist

Now Exhibiting: FARM at the MADISON-MORGAN CULTURAL CENTER. An exhibition inspired by the agrarian way of life, visually celebrating the world of farm living in Morgan County. Click Here for directions and more information.

Chris Cook is an American artist, born in Georgia. He considered a Southern Artist… an Outsider Artist because of being self-taught – He has also recognized as a Southern Expressionist on Wikipedia. (“New American Southern expressionism is the movement begun in the late 20th century by a group of painters from the American southeast…typically imbued with broad strokes and bold colors, rough surfaces and ambiguous figures. All subject matter tends to be subjective and figurative or non-figurative and inspired by the personal experience of the artist. The common thread is observation and expression as formed by the parochial focus of growing up in the 20th century American South”).

Chris paints in a wide variety of styles, media and subject matters, including landscapes, abstract, religious, spiritual, biblical stories – but retains a feeling of the “Deep South” – working in his studio about 1 hour from Atlanta, GA. His work is untamed and boundary free. Unlike most artists, he cannot be pinned down into an overall style, subject matter or even genre. He continually searches for new expression as you will see in the wide variety of work represented here.

He works from a kin knowledge of art history and has recreated and reinterpreted works of artist like Avery, Dove, Hartley, Hooper, Frankenthaler, Motherwell, Grant, Matisse, O’Keeffe, Picasso and Wyeth. Producing work primarily in these medias: Acrylic Paintings, Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Gouache Paintings, Signed Block Prints.

“An artist can’t help but reflect the world from their world view which is made up of the environment in which they work, their experiences, personality, influences in art, and education”.

I want to personally invite you to review samples from many years of my work, enjoy!

Chris Cook